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When it comes to glasses, it helps to get the help you can trust. At Eyes on Bridgwater, it’s our goal to help match you with the appropriate glasses for your needs. Having the right lenses is key to helping you see the world with clarity, and that’s what we’re here for. Visit our optometry clinic to adjust your vision and get the help you need.

Complete Eye Exam and Eyeglass Prescription

The first step to helping you see clearly is an eye exam. Our team conducts a series of tests to determine the nature of your problem and give us an idea of how to correct it. What we learn from these tests helps us find the right optical glasses for your eyes to help you. Trust our team to provide high-quality eye care to restore your vision and help you improve your eye health.

As your eyes age, they and their needs change. Our optometrists are here to provide the eye care you need as time passes. It’s a good rule of thumb to have your eyes checked every 1 or 2 years. Give us a visit every so often to ensure your eyes always have the appropriate lenses to let you see. When it comes to vision problems, optometrists like us are usually the first responders. Eye exams are a great way to detect a string of health problems and stay on top of your overall health.

Optical Glasses and Accessories

Optical Glasses and Accessories

Eyeglass Frames

There’s more to glasses than helping you see; it’s also important to find eyeglass frames that you love. At Eyes On Bridgwater, we provide a wide range of frames in a variety of styles to suit your tastes. When you’re looking for women’s or men’s’ eyeglasses, square- or round-rimmed frames, we’ve got options available for you to choose from.

We also understand glasses aren’t just used for vision correction. Patients, especially the more outdoorsy types, need sunglasses to ward off the sun’s UV rays. Our selection also includes stunning sunglasses with UV protection. When you’re looking for a frame to help you look your best in any season, give us a visit.


Eyes on Bridgwater does more than provide the frames and lenses you need to adjust your vision, we also supply accessories so you can keep your glasses or lenses in good condition for years to come.

If you’re looking for an eyeglass cleaner, eye drops, or a contact lens solution, you can trust that we have them in stock. In case of damage to your frame, repairs are sometimes the more convenient approach. We also supply eyeglass parts for quick and convenient repairs.

We understand that having the right products to help you go the extra mile in caring for your eyeglasses and contacts is essential. We’re here to help supply you with what you need.

It’s important to find a provider you can trust when looking for eyeglasses in Canada. Visit Eyes on Bridgwater for quality care and products to help you see better and go through regular life with clear vision. Call us now at (204) 230-0422 to get the care your eyes need.

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