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High-Quality Contact Lenses

Looking for durable contact lenses that suit your lifestyle? There are tons of lens brands and products out there, so how do you choose the right ones that fit your needs? For starters, you need an eye care expert who knows their way around diverse options for optical lenses.

Eyes On Bridgwater has experienced optometrists who can assist you in getting the right contact lenses based on your eye condition. Dedicated to your vision health, our eye doctors will carefully examine your eyes to see if you’re a suitable candidate for contacts. Based on your visual requirements, we’ll then choose and fit you with the appropriate lenses.

We Fit Prescription Contact Lenses

Getting the right contact lens fit begins with a comprehensive eye exam. This is necessary for ensuring we give you an accurate and updated prescription. An eye exam also helps determine and eliminate possible factors that could affect your vision while wearing your contacts.

In deciding which lenses are best for you, Eyes on Bridgwater considers your lifestyle needs, daily activities, the shape of your eyes, and your overall eye health. Following the eye assessment, you’ll have the chance to try on some lenses to see which pair is comfortable to wear, making it easier for you to decide which ones to purchase.

We carry a wide range of contact lens types, cases, colours, and brands so we can give our clients a variety of options. These include disposable, bifocal or multifocal, and coloured contact lenses. Whether you’re looking for contact lenses to wear daily or weekly, there’s always a choice you can take home that’s well within your budget and preference. We also supply contact lens solutions so you can care for your lenses.

We Educate Our Patients

As part of our goal to promote patient education, Eyes On Bridgwater optometrists also teach all clients about proper lens care and eye care habits. This includes cleaning your contact lenses and the do’s and don’ts when wearing contacts.

Other factors you need to consider when choosing contact lenses are the following:

  • How often you need lenses (daily or only during specific occasions)
  • How often you prefer to replace your contact lenses
  • Would you like soft or hard contacts? (Soft lenses are the popular choice, although hard contact lenses offer specific advantages)

5 Top Benefits of Getting Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

The following are the advantages of wearing contact lenses in correcting your vision:

  • Ease of Viewing – Optometrists prescribe contact lenses to rectify refractive errors like astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), and farsightedness. Some lenses are designed to address certain vision needs without the bulkiness that wearing eyeglasses cause.
  • Enhanced Peripheral View – The way contacts are worn over the cornea allows for a clear peripheral view. Wearing contact lenses also minimizes glare reflections and image distortions.
  • Improved Eye Comfort – Contact lenses are now made of materials that promote eye comfort like hybrid contact lenses. They’re durable at the center to make your vision sharp and crisp, while their soft lens skirt lessens visual discomfort.
  • Aesthetic Freedom – Contact lenses come in different colours, that’s why you can freely choose how you want your eyes to look based on your mood, personality, or outfit.
  • Feeling of Normalcy – Wearing contact lenses gives you the feeling of normalcy since they’re securely placed over your eyes. Fog, water droplets, and steam won’t block your vision, making contacts safe and comfortable to wear for all weather.

Get your Winnipeg contact lens solutions today and see the difference it will make to your vision. It all starts with a comprehensive eye exam with our caring and friendly optometrists. Call Eyes On Bridgwater today at (204) 230-0422 to schedule a consultation or to inquire about contact lens prices. You can also walk in for a contact lens fitting.

Myopia Control and management in Winnipeg

One option that is available at Eyes on Bridgwater is myopia control.  After a paediatric eye exam, some children are diagnosed with myopia.   There are now options in soft contact lenses that can help slow down the progression of myopia in children.  Ask our optometirst if Coopervision’s MiSight daily disposable contact lenses are an option for your child.

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