NIKON Eyeglass Lenses in Winnipeg

NIKON I See Without Compromise

If you wear eye glasses you need the right tool for the right job.  There are many options in lenses and you will find that one pair of eye glasses may not work for every situation.  You may need a pair of glasses for everyday use, another for computer use, sunwear for outdoor use and you may want different styles.   At Eyes ON BRIDGWATER  we understand this and as a CERTIFIED NIKON ALLIANCE MEMBER, that is why we are excited to offer you NIKON’s multiple eyewear program:  I See Without Compromise.

In this program you purchase your first pair of eyewear and within 30 days you can purchase up to 3 additional pairs at a significantly reduced price.   You can get your second, third and fourth pairs of eyeglasses for the following prices:

  • Progressive Lenses:  $349.00
  • Computer/Office/Specialty Lenses:  $289.00
  • Single Vision Lenses:  $199.00

Book an appointment at EYES ON BRIDGWATER to learn about the latest in progressives and other spectacle lenses.  We are excited to be your Nikon Lens specialists in Winnipeg.

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